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A Guide to Creating World

OpenCoord is bringing to life the dream of effortless 3D game creation powered by AI. This guide is for all those that want to join us in that mission by building their own games with OpenCoord.

All the games you see on the Home page were made using our creation tools. If you're ready to become a game creator, this guide is for you!


We support two different creator experiences. Our Quick mode allows creators to build interesting games in less than a minute. Our Advanced mode gives adventurous creators more power to perfect their games.

There is also a reference section outlining all the Game Attributes you can customize.

We encourage new users to build a Quick game first and play a variety of different games before using Advanced techniques like custom 3D Assets and AI Directors. This will give you a better sense of what's possible!

The games that utilize our AI Director to dynamically adjust gameplay are indicated by a 🤖 before the name.

Getting Started in the Studio

Workspace Management

After signing in, your default workspace will open. Workspaces are where you build new games or open existing projects. The default workspace features some of our most popular game templates.

OpenCoord encourages new users to start with these templates. Experiment and learn from their preset 3D assets, AI behaviors, and gameplay mechanics. This will help you understand OpenCoord's capabilities and inspire more advanced game designs. Our blog is another great source of inspiration.

On the left, click "Change Workspace" to access all available workspaces. From there, you can make new workspaces, edit/delete existing ones, and set sharing options. Click "Share Workspace" and add a teammate's email to give them access.