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The Lighting and SoundService container services offer extensive control and customization options for environmental effects within your experience. These services encompass various aspects, including lighting, atmosphere, skies and clouds, and sound.

Lighting Service: The Lighting service allows you to modify global lighting settings in your experience. Key properties you can adjust include:

  • Ambient lighting to set the overall environment's illumination.

  • Brightness control to manage the intensity of lighting.

Atmospheric Effects: Atmospheric effects aim to replicate real-world environments by simulating the scattering of sunlight in unique ways, influenced by properties governing air particles. With the Atmosphere object within the Lighting service, you can:

  • Regulate particle density to influence the atmospheric appearance.

  • Create silhouettes or blend distant objects (offset).

  • Simulate haze or glare to enhance atmospheric realism.

  • Define the atmosphere's color or decay for a customized ambiance.


Post-Processing Effects: Post-processing effects introduce customizable filters to enhance the visual quality of your experience. By utilizing post-processing effect objects available in the Lighting service or Camera, you can:

  • Create the illusion of a camera capturing a bright light source and amplify its glow (bloom).

  • Apply a Gaussian blur effect either universally or selectively to parts of your experience, achieving depth of field.

  • Adjust the environment's appearance to evoke specific moods through hue changes (color correction).

  • Render a dynamic halo of light that moves in sync with the sun's position (sun rays).

Clouds and Skies: The Sky object, by default, incorporates celestial elements such as the sun, moon, and stars. You have the flexibility to customize these celestial bodies and skybox images. Additionally, you can fine-tune cloud-related attributes within the Clouds object, including cloud cover, density, and color properties, to render realistic, dynamic clouds that gracefully drift across the sky.

These services collectively empower you to craft immersive and visually appealing environments within your experience by manipulating various environmental factors like lighting, atmosphere, skies and clouds, and sound.