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How to : Quick Creation

Create Your First Game!

Think of a game genre or mechanic you'd like to try... OpenCoord can make almost anything, from platformers to RPGs to simulation games. Or choose a favorite fictional world to explore in game form.

When you have an idea, click the + Create button and select New Game.

You'll see the New Game screen which lets you get started in just 3 steps (with a 4th optional one).

Here's an example platformer game defined by its Name, Description, and Cover Art:

Step 1: Name

The name is how you'll refer to the game and how others will discover it.

For famous franchises, the name may be enough to define it. For more generic names, the description will be key.

Step 2: Description

The description explains the game for users. Treat it like a back-of-box summary, describing the genre, world, goals, and anything that makes this game unique.

This, along with the cover art, sets expectations for the experience.

Step 3: Game Visibility

This controls who can access the game. Public games appear in Explore. Unlisted ones need the link. Private limits access to you.

Step 4: Cover Art (optional)

Upload a square image that will represent the game. This appears on your games list, the Explore page, and game details.